Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Animal welfare & shed cave

Myself and once again, my wife feature in this adventure.
We are at a block of flats and are knocking on doors attempting to get a reply.
Finally an elderly man opens his door and we inform him we are there to investigate a compliant of rabbits being chased by dogs.
The old man shows us into his small kitchen where there are ten dogs. We ask the man if any of them have been upsetting rabbits and he tells us that out of the ten dogs, three of them could be responsible. We leave him after issuing him with a warning.
I have no idea what our mission was in this dream but next we are visiting Adam, a work colleague, who is keeping a goat but has no idea how to look after it. We issue him with advise on how to care for it and leave.
At this point I'm walking down the street towards my mums house and appear to have misplaced my wife, that or she has gone off to give more animal related advice.
A small blue coloured mini cooper keeps driving past me, slowing down as it reaches me to observe me. I cannot see the driver.
Next I am in the rear garden of my mums neighbour, but with the occupants of the house from when I am a child.
I am in their small shed which has been transformed into a cave. It has tribal paintings of animals around the walls and on one wall is wood panelling.
I crawl out of the cave through a gap back into my mums garden just as my old neighbour shouts at me to get out of his cave.
I finish by sitting round a table with my wife and an unknown blonde woman and I'm explaining about a guy I was at school with and that I never saw him after leaving education but bumped into him on a Greek holiday, years later. I haven't seen him from our school days and have no idea what John Connelly is doing now.

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