Friday, 9 December 2011

Step aside Simon Cowell

I begin by attempting to measure the length of a dog along with the help of my dad. We have a tape measure, I'm holding the animal whilst dad ascertains it's dimentions, this seems to be a reasonable activity to be undertaking.
I move on from canine ruling and i'm next driving a minibus around helping to arrange a work colleagues wedding which is happening in half an hours time. He is ready and dressed in top hat and tails, I on the other hand need to shave, shower and dress.
I go into a very small caravan to prepare myself only to find it crammed full of woman in various states of undress. All are getting ready for the same wedding. It's hard to move and I press past them as I move around the confined area.
I try to find a mirror but Simon Cowell is standing in front of it admiring himself, he is dressed and ready.
I become increasingly agitated at not being able to find a clean towel and ask the women for one as most of them have one wrapped around them.
I'm directed back to the mirror where Simon is still lovingly gazing at himself. I look confused as Simon Cowell is now in a towel.
You'd think he'd have his own dressing room?

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