Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Toilet jigsaw & half a dog

I'm in a house that's rather untidy, dirty and smelly. There are toys scattered everywhere and general rubbish discarded, the walls have graffiti all over them.
There's no one in the house and I'm looking for the toilet. I go upstairs and look out of a bedroom window into the garden to see the occupants of the house all taking part in a television quiz. I continue to look for the toilet.
The last room I look in is the toilet. Inside the pan, floating in the water are those foam letters that kids play in the bath with.
I use the toilet and flush, when the water settles the letters have re arranged into the name - KELLY.
I leave the house and walk down the street to the sound of very loud music emitting from all the other houses. Four teenage girls are sitting in the front garden of one house and giggle as I approach them.
I'm next sitting at home with my puppy. I have a saw and I'm cutting the top part of his head and jaw off. My puppy appears totally happy with this and doesn't make a fuss.
Maximus would like to point out that no animals were harmed in the dreaming of this dream.

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