Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dead girl panic alarm

I was sitting in a vast control centre full of screens, hundreds of buttons and people resemblant of ground control at Nasa.
I took a break and went outside to the car park and saw Adam from work and a man i know to be a solicitor. Suddenly Adam starts to run off and the solicitor attempts to go after him. I tell him not to panic as nothing is happening as I was in control. I calmly go back to my desk to find every red light flashing on my screen indicating an emergency at the hospital.
I run to the hospital passing a bemused solicitor on my way and arrive at a scene of total carnage.
The corridors of the hospital are covered in blood and staff and patients are running in blind panic.
I approach a doctor who is trying to help two children who are clearly both dead. I tell him to give up and get out, as I do this one of the dead girls eyes opens and she gives me an eerie stare.
I run off and find my wife who has an eye injury, the white part of her eye is blood red. She is screaming at hospital staff to stop panicking and help people.
I awoke at this point and didn't get to find out what had happened.
Not sure I really wanted to know anyway.
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