Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pie shop, loose skin & toilet roll

I start by being a passenger in a Volvo driving at speed with my colleague James.
I point out to him the amount of rubbish dumped at the side of the road and stop when we see our other colleague, Adam walking along the pavement.
For no apparent reason Adam tells us he used to be a hairdresser. This provokes much amusement and we drive off pointing and laughing at him abandoning him along with the rubbish.
We go into a pie shop in Essex, close to my mums house and I order a plate of creamy mash potato, James on the other hand orders everything on the menu and has it topped with baked beans.
I leave James and get into the car and immediately notice that the skin on my arms is creamy white. I rub them and my skin starts to peel off, a passing woman helps me by pulling off all the skin on my arms and I'm left with just bone.
Next I am entering a large house with my wife, I am once again as in previous dreams, carrying an upright Hoover. A couple from work, Liam and Claire are showing us around, they too have a Hoover but a smaller one. They are not a couple really but are for the purpose of my dream.
I am next picked up to be taken to work in a large van, already in the van is Simon who I used to work on the same team with and haven't seen in ages. Simon doesn't speak but just waves a chocolate spread sandwich at me. I declined his offer.
I spend a night at work sleeping in a dark room and I leave to be picked up again by the van, I walk over some stairs that crosses over a railway line and hear my work colleague little Keith shouting my name. I look over to the other side of the rail line to see him waving a toilet roll at me.
When I cross over the van is there and little Keith and Simon are on board. Once again Simon waves his chocolate sandwich at me and once again I decline.
I then find myself on a date with an unknown female who has taken me to a fish restaurant. I am really angry and I get up and leave in disgust.
I hate fish and I hate chocolate sandwiches!
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