Monday, 2 January 2012

Shopping dilemma & 1980s mud shower

I start by being in a shop and notice as the good citizen that I am, a man about to leave the shop attempting to steal the contents of his basket.
I alert the store owner who promptly removes the man. I offer to put the items back and do so but can't find where the orange carton goes. I then place it on a random shelf, knowing that this normally really annoys me when I go shopping. I hate the people that decide they no longer want an item or find a better one and instead of returning it to where it came from, dump it on the shelf where they stand.
I argue with myself for a while, one side of me attempting to justify my actions and the other side berating my bad self. In the end I just leave.
Next I'm in the shower at my mums house. As I wash large lumps of mud drop onto my head from the top of the ceiling and as fast as I'm washing, I'm getting dirty again.
I dry and dress myself after giving up attempting to get clean. I open the door into the hallway to find a long line of people queuing for the bathroom.
Each one of them is dressed as various 1980's pop stars, there is an abundance of big hair and make-up as they each pay tribute to Boy George, Adam Ant and Duran Duran.
I see one girl and notice a large spider trying to make its way out of her hair, I remove it and the girl starts screaming, which in turn has a domino effect and everyone runs panicked from my mums house.
I did live at my mums in the 1980's but I never had big hair. Honest.

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