Sunday, 22 January 2012

Time traveling rabbit & fluffy slippers

I seem to have mastered the art of time travel last night, I was in a small block of flats with a rabbit, along with its hutch after taking us both through space and time to a week previous.
I am explaining to my friend Chris what I have achieved and he appears less than convinced. I have no equipment, flashing lasers or fancy gadgets, it's just me and a rabbit. I'm not totally sure myself and fail to back up my claim to Chris.
Next I am at my mums house and I'm arranging for my nan to leave after a visit. I go upstairs to fetch her suitcase, it is pink, on wheels and has side pockets that contain bottles of wine.
I see a taxi pull up outside and my work colleague Siobhan helps my nan into the car. We both spend several minutes attempting to tell the non English speaking driver the destination and he drives off before I have finished explaining.
I run up the street waving my arms and protesting towards the driver before realising that I am wearing my wife's fluffy slippers!
I got up at this point and went to the toilet, upon my return to bed I was informed by wife that I said the word, Tinsel as I drifted back to sleep?
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