Thursday, 19 January 2012

Welcome to the church of fun

Last night I am at my parents house having Christmas dinner. My dad has long since departed so it's always nice to see him in my dreams.
As we chat and enjoy our festive meal, my dad tells me about an old historic church that I should visit. It has a tunnel in the floor that was used for hiding during times of war.
I set off excited with my camera to capture it on film to return and show my dad.
When I arrive I find that the church has been surrounded by a holiday complex and there are chalets everywhere. I bump into Trinny from work who owns the holiday village, he shows me the way to the church and tells me I'm allowed in for free as he knows me.
Once inside I set about assembling the flash to my camera, whilst doing so I notice a couple from Manchester having a domestic argument.
I ignore them and continue with my task. The man leaves and the woman approaches me and tells me that her husband won't let her go home with him and starts to cry.
All heart I just shrug my shoulders and go into the hatch that leads to the tunnel.
In total darkness I try and take some photos but the batteries are dead in the flash! I climb back out and see two old ladies.
The ladies ask me what's down the hatch and I tell them a ghost and leave chuckling to myself.
From what I did see in the darkness it wasn't all that, I wouldn't recommend a visit.
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