Friday, 17 February 2012

Carrot cats & runaway train

The amazing singing talents of Adele opened my dream, with her singing, Someone like you.
My wife was feeding our two cats with carrots, whole ones with the green tops, I looked on in bemusement. As I observed I noticed an antelope in our conservatory.
My work colleague Lorney walked past with her hands cupped in Oliver Twist style begging for a coffee.

Suddenly my wife and I are in the front of a steam train and we can't stop it. It's gathering speed and is out of control. We start to race through London underground stations and all I can do is blast the whistle to warn unsuspecting passengers.
Eventually it just runs out of steam and comes to a halt conveniently in a station.

Next I can hear a house alarm and walk up to a house that its coming from there is water shooting up out of the roof. A woman approaches me from a neighbouring address and informs me that we are in Raymond Close.
She then says to me that she has one of the samurai swords from my dream of a couple of nights ago and that she gave it to her husband.
Very confused and worried that this woman is messing with my head, I make hast and run away from her.
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