Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dagenham minder & green gnomes

This starts with me discovering a small postage stamp on fire outside my mothers house in Dagenham. My mum shouts for me to phone the fire service. I run around the block to the phone box, pick up the entire box and run back to present it to my mum. She was suitably unimpressed.

Next I appear to be Terry from TV's Minder along with Arthur Daly, we are still in Dagenham.
A red car pulls up but it's just the shell of a car on wheels, we are bundled into the back and driven to an industrial estate.
Here a mad looking man holding a Stanley blade informs us that he is going to kill us. As this happens the red car ignites and is quickly engulfed in flames.
Poor Arthur unfortunately perishes in the inferno but I manage to jump on a nearby motorbike and make good my escape.

As I drive back towards my mums house I stop and meet a woman at the gate of her front garden. She is holding a paintbrush and informs me she has painted all the gnomes in the street.
Upon looking at all the gardens I can see hundreds of gnomes all coloured green.

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