Monday, 27 February 2012

Gold thief & supermarket chaos

I begin by being presented to my supervisor Derek at his desk by my so called friend Chris. Chris has taken it upon himself to make a citizens arrest as he has found me to have stolen a lot of gold chains.
I am standing in front of Derek protesting my innocence which was fairly futile as I had more gold around my neck than Mr T.
Derek asks me if there is anything else I have and I pull out from my jacket, like Mary Poppins from her magic bag, a large blue clock on a stand that's about four feet high.

I'm next in a supermarket with my wife and a woman has a trolley full of goods but has them all in brown paper bags.
She is trying to pay for them but is holding up everyone due to her concealment of the shopping.

Over the intercom, Andy, one of my other work supervisors announces for me to stop the flow of shoppers in the aisle until this woman is dealt with.
I try and facilitate this but I'm met with angry customers intent on passing the woman.
Andy shouts in a panic over the intercom, 'Emily to aisle 5 now, we need back up!'
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