Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hairy bikers in the big house

I start by driving my dog around in the car. Only every now and then he opens the rear door, jumps out and runs along side of the car. No idea how he has managed to learn this, but a neat trick all the same.
Next I'm with both my parents in a massive house that has three storeys to it. I find myself attempting to impress the Hairy Bikers from TV by cooking up a culinary masterpiece.
My parents and the bearded Northern chefs watch on as I lift the large silver lid on a platter to great anticipation, only to reveal, Hula Hoops!
Finally, after my clear failure to impress in the kitchen, I find myself in another part of the great house.
There is a boy of around 12 years of age and the people around him say he hasn't ever spoken.
Having pondered for a short time I decide to change this and pull at him, stretching his skin until he is cloned into an exact twin of himself.
The new clone looks at the boy and starts to scream, the boy faced with himself screeching into his own face, starts to scream too. The boy turns and flees shouting 'Help help'. I look to the shocked people and smile.
Clearly the boy was now traumatised for life, but he can talk.
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