Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hero in a pink Porsche

My wife and I are walking along a riverbank when we see a sign for a town that is called Conise. This isn't any word that I recognise and as far as I'm aware does not exist as a town anywhere.
The river is frozen and my wife steps onto the ice. Before I can finish the sentence, 'Don't go on the.......', it cracks and she disappears beneath the ice.
I rush to the rivers edge, thrust my arm into the freezing water and find her outstretched hand. I pull her out, lay her on her back and expertly put two breaths of air into her lungs by blowing into her mouth.
A cough and splutter of water and she is fine and well and dry oddly.

We go to my car which the last time I looked a black Ford Focus but is now a pink convertible Porsche. The soft top roof however has been constructed using bamboo sticks and plastic shopping bags.
I manually open the badly made roof and we set off to the shops.

My wife drives into an underground car park and we enter a nearby shop which is selling bras. Not before I have closed the plastic roof.
All the staff in the shop are displaying the bras by wearing them, which was nice. Purchase made we return to the car and once again I have to fold the plastic roof down.

I don't recommend the manual soft top version of the Porsche, if I was to buy it I'd upgrade to the electric one. And not in pink!
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