Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Living dead & magic flower hill

For another dream I am running with Madonna, just jogging down the street side by side.
I am then in a room where a disheveled ugly looking little undertaker is preparing to take a dead woman away. She is laying on a bed, she is about 30 years old.
I leave him preparing the body and go into an adjoining room where I start to change my clothing. I am just putting a knitted hooded jumper on my legs when a man and his two sons enter the room. The man apologises and goes to leave but I say it's ok for them to enter the other room. Forgetting about the dead body I rush in before them only to see the woman sitting up in bed smiling and the undertaker cowering behind a chest of draws shaking.

Finally I am out in the countryside and watch my work colleague Stu standing at the bottom of a hill. He raises his arms like a magician.
As he does this the entire hill starts to sprout flowers. Like a time lapse film, the whole hill comes to life with with a multitude of coloured blooms.
I look on in amazement as does TV presenter Tess Daly who is standing next to me. As we see each other we hug as a greeting, Tess slips her tongue into my mouth and snogs me and then winks.
Cheeky minx.
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