Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Squashed boy & giant rabbit

I was happily driving along the road in my car when I slowed to approach a junction. A small Asian boy about 8 years of age stepped out in front of me waving his arms in a bid to attract my attention.
As I watched him trying to alert me to something he shouted, 'please help me', all this seemed to be occurring in slow motion.
My brain registered to stop the car, sent the signal all the way to my right foot which in turn brought the car to a stop.
The trouble with slow motion is that the signal dispatched to my foot took twice as long to be received and the boy was under the car before this procedure was completed.
I got out and the boy was unfortunately squashed totally flat like a cardboard cutout with just his head inflated.

I was later in total darkness walking with my arms outstretched in front of me trying to feel my way through my house. My dog was behind me and I'm taking him to his bed in the conservatory.
When I did this earlier that evening whilst awake I put the lights on, in my slumber it doesn't seem to have occurred to me and I blindly fumble my way through the house.
Eventually I reach the conservatory and actually put the light on only to find my dogs bed occupied by a giant rabbit. When I say giant I mean 4 times bigger than a Jack Russell, which is still big.
My dog just looked on in total bemusement.
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