Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stolen pyramids and celery head

I start by being at the scene of a car crash that has three people laying injured in the road. They have minor cuts and grazes but apart from that are ok.
Despite this a very over keen member of the public is performing CPR on them. CPR is a lot easier on a non breathing person and I watch as the casualties kick and fight against being snogged.
As I watch a lorry attempts to pass and as it does hits my car and pushes it down the street.

Next I am with Franky Knuckles my supervisor from work and we are in Egypt removing bricks from the pyramids. I did question Frank but he said its fine so I carried on.

Next I am returning to my mums house and discover that I had left the doors and windows open prior to leaving.
I check the house and find someone had entered and has stolen all the VHS video tapes. I ponder this momentarily and decide they have done me a favour.

Finally I appear to have a unicorns horn sticking out of the top of my head but the wrong way round. Just along side the horn was a celery stick protruding out of my head.
I hate celery.
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