Monday, 6 February 2012

Transformers in a banjo

A banjo, to clear things up before I begin, is not in this instance, referring to the stringed instrument. But what a cul-de-sac is called from my part of the world. It's shaped like a banjo ok.
I begin by helping my neighbour out by getting their washing from the line during a downpour of rain.
There are children watching me intently collect the pegs into a bag, I walk down the line and one by one make them all pop out their eyes and place them in the peg bag. All do it without question.
My dog run towards me but as it reaches me turns into an old fashion push lawn mower, minus the handle.
I then walk round the corner from my mums house with my older sister into the afore mentioned banjo.
We are playing a Laurel and Hardy board game in the street, we look up and see flocks of birds overhead. As we observe, they transform into aeroplanes and we start to shoot them down as part of our game.
We can hear our younger sister at the front door of mums house, she is moaning that someone has looked at all of her photos on her camera.
Next I am with a friend called Harry, Harry has fluffy hair, (really does), Harry and I enter a house full of Polish people one of which is a man mountain. A female asks for our help as the man mountain has punched her.
We look at each other and decide to make a citizens arrest. The huge Polish mountain clearly a cowardly woman beater, trembles and cries when we take him out of the house. Phew!
Finally Harry and myself are in work chatting about how we took down the Eastern European monster, overlooking the fact he was a wimp, when a woman with long brown permed hair puts her head next too mine and covers my face with her hair. No idea why?
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