Saturday, 24 March 2012

American pie lift & underground orange

Lots of chattering in my sleep, so I have been informed and no wonder.

Firstly I am talking to a man who is recalling his exploits in World War II. He isn't a day over 50 and I'm dubious that he is for real but all very interesting anyway.

Next I'm at work, I am watching TV but I'm getting annoyed as Derek and Richy are smoking in the supervisors office, smoke is drifting out and they are just laughing.
On the TV are two men in an elevator, they are smoking pot and every time the doors open on a different floor, they are more and more stoned, giggling uncontrollably.
All this to the sound piped in the elevator of American Pie, the Don McLean classic from 1971 and again in 1991.

Finally I am on the London underground and a fruit seller is walking through the train. Fortunately I needed some oranges but I'm disappointed as they have sold out.

I get off the train, head to surface and bump into my friend Siobhan. I explain my orange requirement and we both go to the front door of a nearby house.

Just as we arrive Siobhan suddenly starts to expand and turns morbidly obese.
Ignoring this we enter the house and a man shows us to his piano that he is selling.
The piano, is a red leather chair with a guitar on it.
Very confused we leave. I only wanted some oranges, how hard can it be!?

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