Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brucey, naked man & sad Dwarf

I begin by wandering a street until I notice a very old hotel which has trees growing out of the walls of the building.
I enter the lobby and the whole scene turns to black and white in reflection of an earlier age.

I pass a group of people and see one of them is all round entertainer, Bruce Forsyth.
Thinking that no one would have ever said, 'good game, good game' at him, I give it my best Brucey impression.
If looks could kill.

I'm next on the top floor if a skyscraper and looking out at the amazing view I decide to take a photo and pick up my camera.
My camera is in bits and I look around to see my Dad and my supervisor from work, Matt, both watching me and shaking their heads.

I manage to fit the camera together but when I look out of the window all I see is a skinny naked old man sitting in a kitchen sink taking a bath.

I leave the building and walking out into the street below I notice a sad looking female Dwarf kicking her heals on a street corner.
I walk away deciding not to engage with her.

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