Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Crisp head & pointed feet

I was arguing with an old ugly man with a beard. I appeared to rent a room in his extremely untidy house and I'm unhappy at living in such squalor.
I get so angry with him that I punch him in the face.
As I do this the old man makes a popping sound and turns into a 6 pack of cheese and onion flavoured crisps.

I notice the mans daughter is also there, she is drunk and not the best looking woman I've ever seen.
I go to my room and pack all my belongings into an enormous holdall.
I return to the room where the old man was and he has returned back to normal. His daughter is crying.

I leave the house with the holdall over my shoulder but it's so heavy I can't walk. I look down at my feet to see that I am wearing black leather pointed shoes. I wiggle my toes and realise that they reach the end of the shoes.

Finally I'm in my mums house watching TV. There is one of those reality house buying programmes on, A house in the attic, should I rent or live abroad, relocate or makeover, or similar.
A guy has bought a house but cleverly had the scrap metal yard removed before purchasing it. He owns a white coach.
I look up into the street just as a large white coach blocks the road outside.

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