Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Drag queen & dancing rice pudding

This starts with me sitting watching a football game. One team are ready on the halfway line and the other team are missing.
I just stare at this for ages before deciding to leave as the game is very dull due to it being very one sided.

I'm next at an airport with a woman called Nicola I used to work with and haven't seen her for over 12 years.
We are walking towards our old place of work when Nicola asks me to tell the boss she is sick and promptly enters a nightclub and starts drinking.

I enter my current place of work just as some RAF fighter jets fly over head.
Inside a party is going on, I see Andy dancing on a table. Andy is dressed as a woman with huge over inflated balloons for breasts. Whilst dancing on the table top he is also holding a large jug of milk in each hand.

Suddenly from across the room I hear heavy rock music, I look over to see a tin of rice pudding on another table. The music is emitting from it and the tin has tiny arms and legs and is dancing.

I love rice pudding cold with strawberry jam. Yum.
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