Saturday, 10 March 2012

Drunken loser & party time

I have noticed that a few of my dreams have involved me being on a bus.
Last night I'm sitting happily on one heading towards my Nan's house for a party.
As the bus stops at a junction I come under a barrage of traffic cones that are being hurled by a very drunken aggressive man in the street.

He is shouting and swearing and cones are bouncing off the windscreen.
I calmly exit the bus, approach the man and firmly knock him out cold with one well placed punch to the head.

I then receive a phone call from work colleague James who asks if I want anything to eat, I tell him I'm off to my Nan's for a party but don't extend the invite to him.

Arriving at my Nan's house the party is in full swing with loud music and dancing.
Unfortunately no one has informed me that the dress code was black tie with false glasses and fake noses.
I feel such a fool!
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