Sunday, 25 March 2012

E type family & Volvo shower

My favourite car of all time is the E type Jaguar.
I was sitting on a grassy bank playing with coloured letter blocks that were floating in a tiny stream.
I was arranging them in an attempt to spell the names of famous people.

As I amuse myself with the letters, my younger sister Sue peeps the horn as she drives down the hillside in a white convertible E type.
Below the hill on the road, my older sister Karen peeps at me as she passes by in a red convertible E type. She has my mum and my departed nan with her. Everyone is smiling.
Happy I wander into a kitchen and put some chicken into the oven to cook.

Still content, I'm slightly dismayed by the power cut that causes the electric oven to stop and plunges me into darkness.

I wander outside with a torch, find a Volvo estate car, climb into the rear seat and emerge inside a shower cubicle.
Thinking it slightly odd I decide not to waste the opportunity and have a shower.

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