Sunday, 4 March 2012

Earning a crust

As with many of my dreams I'm searching for something. Endlessly looking through rooms, houses or in empty dark streets.
Last night it was a college and I spent ages opening every draw and cupboard which were all bare.
Eventually I gave up my fruitless search and walked out into the street and was able to watch myself vanish into the distance.

I arrive at a large supermarket which seems to be my place of work and I take a large trolley filled with stock and push it onto the shop floor. It's piled so high that I can't see where I'm going and crash into people, one of which was in a wheelchair.

After apologising to everyone that I've hit I arrive in the bread isle to find my friend Timmy looking unhappy.
Timmy is gazing at the empty shelves and tells me there is no bread left. I look to find some on my trolley and proceed to replenish the stock.

Both myself and Timmy have a discussion about how unhappy we are in our jobs, I tell him that I'm considering leaving to go to Lincoln to become a Special Constable and Timmy says he is going to grab his guitar and hit the streets busking to earn a living.

I think Timmy's plan is the better of the two as the Special constabulary work for free, a concept I have trouble grasping.
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