Tuesday, 6 March 2012

GI Jo & 1970s texting

As I initially drifted off to sleep I was shouting Lilo, this information supplied from my wife, I have no knowledge of this.

My dream starts by me gazing up into the sky, I can see my friend Jo parachuting, heading towards me. I know it's Jo as she wearing a white fur trimmed hooded coat. I have no idea if she actually owns one, I will inquire.

As she gets closer I can see she is holding a gun, I watch as she takes aim and fires one precision shot that hits me in the left shoulder.

Jo lands right next to me, expertly planting both feet on the floor and removing her parachute in one smooth manoeuvre.
As I lay on the floor, in pain but more in shock that my friend has just shot me, I watched as Jo starts to run a bath.
We are outside, had I not been such aghast at my current predicament, I may have questioned where the bath came from and how it was plumbed in?
Anyway, Jo gets into the bath fully clothed and starts to relax, my world starts to turn dark and I pass out.

My next recognition is being in my mums living room but back in the 1970s. I know this due to the hideous floral wallpaper that hangs around the room like a multi coloured kaleidoscope.
An odd looking girl is there, she is informing my mum that she is my girlfriend, which isn't going down too well. The girl is rather bossy and my mum takes a dislike to her.
Mums phone receives a text message which is from my dad. Not only is he no longer with us, there weren't mobile phones in the 70s.

I leave the house and walk around the corner into the banjo, (cul de sac).
It's dark but early morning. My wife is also there and I'm trying to ring my mum. Finally she answers and tells me she is home alone and was asleep.
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