Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lottery funded violence

I'm standing across the road from row of terraced houses when a woman exits the front door of one house.
She asks if I know the lottery results and I check them on my phone for her.
Much to her delight she has won the jackpot and shouts to her husband.

Her husband comes into the street incredibly drunk in celebration. He is a huge meat head with tattoos and tacky gold chains.
I watch as he staggers over to his car which is a white Reliant Robin, not the car I would have matched him too.
He attempts to get into the drivers seat and I mention to him that maybe he shouldn't drive given his inebriated state.

This sends the male into a violent rage casting himself into the stereotypical drunken aggressive working class man.
Suddenly my friends Siobhan and Ghost turn up and attempt to restrain the man.
This goes very wrong because Siobhan just films the male on her mobile phone whilst Ghost gets a beating.

Beaten and with blood pouring from his head Ghost is still smiling and asks if i can bandage his blooded head.
I start to cut up bandages with the blade from within a carpet knife, expertly and neatly making precise squares and applying them.

Not sure where the violent meat head went but at least Siobhan should have some decent footage of him.
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