Monday, 19 March 2012

Piercings & BMX stunt wife

Initially I'm on a plane, Timmy is with me and we stand either side of the entrance as the England football team board the flight.
I don't recognise any of them but have the overwhelming urge to urinate.
I then get knocked over by an Asian man carrying a mattress.

I awake at this point and go to the toilet.
Returning to slumber I dream that my upper body is naked and I can hear a man singing.
He is then in front of me singing a song about parting from a loved one.
He starts to insert small metal studs into my body, carefully finding cuts in my body that match the size of the studs.
One goes into my left ear, my right armpit and another in the side of my neck.

Lastly my wife and I are checking out a wooden bridge that spans across a river. A boat on wheels drives across it and as it does the slats on the bridge start to move, following the boat.

Suddenly my wife springs into action and jumps on a BMX bike, pops a wheelie and heads off in pursuit of the boat. As she takes off on the ramp to the bridge she spins the bike sideways and lands forwards pulling off another wheelie.

The bridge slats rapidly disappear and I watch the boat in the river below pulling the bridge behind it with my wife riding the bike on it.

Have to say that I'm really impressed with her stunt riding. Good skills.

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