Saturday, 17 March 2012

A collection of random stuff

For my more regular readers amongst you, no dream yesterday as I stayed up from a night shift. Hard to dream whilst wake. But normal service has been resumed.

The title says it all, no real structure to my nocturnal activity, more of a collection of short scenes.

Starting off my wife and I are in bed and being visited by a female doctor for a check up. All very normal except she wants to see how we 'perform' in bed!
I get up and walk over to the window, looking out the sky is resemblant of World War II. There are search lights scanning the dark night, planes dropping bombs and buildings ablaze.

Next I am driving a boat on the road transporting a man with a broken arm, I'm trying to get him to safety.
I crash through a wall into a complex system of tunnels and end up getting out as the boat becomes wedged.

I see that we are surrounding by Aliens, they are all different and can transform into different shapes and sizes, all hideous unworldly looking beasts.
They are trying to capture the injured man but he starts to jump like a grasshopper and lands on the tunnel roof.

Finally I am in my mums back garden and one of the flower beds has been transformed into a modern kitchen with tiled floor and unit under lighting.
Sitting at the breakfast bar is my ex wife's sister and her Son. They are demanding that I go buy them cigarettes.

I leave through the door into what should be my mums actual kitchen but find myself in a building sites toilets.
Needing the toilet I search for one only to find a hole in the floor where they should be. Desperate I pee down a hole.

As on many occasions I wake needing the toilet thankful for a dry bed.

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