Thursday, 29 March 2012

Stilton & Banana cake anyone?

I am watching last nights dream from the outside rather than being in it.
Like a TV programme but without adverts.

Firstly I am watching a wire duck, the kind that are egg holders but normally chicken shaped.
The duck is wandering around a field just as a normal duck would, only I can see through it's wire frame.

Next I watch as a married couple are in the process of ending their relationship. The husband is upstairs packing his clothes into an old style suitcase that has lots of travel stickers covering it.

The wife is in the kitchen making a last meal for them. She is making a Stilton and banana cake, which is not a combination I'd have thought of but if I was the husband in question, I'd not be eating a 'final' meal. In case it became just that. Final.

As I woke from this dream I had 'Hi Ho silver lining' playing in my head.
Although widely thought to have been originally recorded by Jeff Beck in March 1967, it was released just a few days earlier by a band called The Attack. Jeff's version charted first, bad times for The Attack, although I have heard their version and it's pants.

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