Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Al Murray, Will Young & a serial killer

An bizarre random night to say the least, which begins with me collecting a tent from my friend Lou and walking home in the pouring rain, with a torch climbing over statues in the dark.

I arrive at a building and enter to find an empty room with my work colleagues, Matt, Kyle and Adam there.
I explain to Matt that I need to put the tent up to allow it to dry. I do so and Kyle and Adam get inside and cuddle up. At this point they turn into my two cats and start purring.

Next I'm at an Al Murray show with my mate Timmy, we go back stage and find Al and start a three way head smashing on each other with metal trays.
I go into a bathroom and find a mother and daughter cleaning the bath.

The daughter starts to ask me where 10 Rillington Place is. I pretend I don't know but her insistence is such that I just tell her it's in Notting Hill, London.

I then realise my mistake as both her and her mother attend the address and totally clean the house from top to bottom, removing all traces of a murder scene.

Finally along with a group of people, I am in a room with an obese woman laying on the bed in a red thong. We are trying get her off the bed but failing.
In walks singer Will Young, who grabs hold of the thong, pulls it and the fat woman hits the floor with a thud.

10 Rillington Place was the scene for at least 8 murders by serial killer John Christie who hid the bodies, including his wife's, under floorboards in wall cavities and in the garden, between 1943 and 1953.
He was hung at Pentonville Prison on 15th July 1953.

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