Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bacon rolls & scary apples

I love bacon rolls. I start by being woken by my mum with tea and a bacon roll. Awesome.
She tells me she is off to work and both my sisters are still asleep.

Unable to find them in their room, I discover they are sleeping in a caravan in the garden. I leave them and go to the front door where my work colleague Garath is standing with a rugby ball asking me to play basketball with him.

We walk off along the street only to discover a lorry parked on the pavement forcing us to walk past in the road.
Garath decides to point out the by laws regarding the blocking of footpaths to the driver and I leave him there and get on a bus.

Finding a seat on the bus all passengers are handed a carton of fruit juice for the journey.
The woman sitting next to me starts to totally freak out at the sight of some apples laying loose on the parcel shelf opposite.

I try to ignore her and start to drink my fruit juice which tastes a little bitter. I check the use by date to discover it was out of date in 2000!
I shout this out to the driver and all the other passengers check theirs and all start to protest at him.

The driver angry at this decides to throw everyone off his bus.
I discover Garath is still pointing out Parking laws to a very sorry looking lorry driver.

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