Thursday, 26 April 2012

Crisps, tunnels & cable ties

Starting off I was in a small shop with my wife and she wanted a bag of cheese and onion crisps.
I ask a young lad if they have any and he just gives me attitude.
We leave as we are not buying anything from cheeky shop assistants.

Next I'm on a bus on the top deck with an old work colleague called John and my dads oldest friend, Doyle.
John suddenly straps a ladder to another passengers back and jumps out of the window while the bus is moving, landing in Sainsbury's supermarket car park. He runs off laughing.

My wife and I are then wandering through long dark tunnels, we spend an age in a labyrinth of passages until we finally exit on the side of a large hill.

Finally I'm in the kitchen at my mums house and her door mat has plastic cable ties growing upwards from it mixed with parsley.
I spend ages carefully picking the cable ties out so that the parsley can have a better chance of flourishing,as if I'm weeding.

As I woke I had the song, 'Have you seen her', a 1971 hit from The Chi-Lites
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