Friday, 20 April 2012

Gambling & painted boobs

I don't feature in the first section of my dream, instead my wife takes centre stage and finds a $10 casino chip in an underground station.
Pleased with her find she flicks it into the air, spinning it into the distance.

The chip lands onto a roulette table, coming to rest on a number.
The wheel spins and she wins a small amount of money. To the cry of 'let it ride', she watches as time after time she wins until she has a huge amount of prize money.
She then spends time painting a small glass panel yellow, when reversed the back shows a VW camper van.

I appear next in a very dark room vacuuming up bird seed from the carpet.
Once my task is complete I leave the room, approach three elevators in row and await one to arrive.

I step in the middle lift when the door opens and descends towards the ground floor. I notice two females in the corner, one of which at first glance was wearing a tight fitting coloured top. Upon closer inspection, she is naked and has her skin painted into clothes.

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