Thursday, 5 April 2012

Off the bus fatty!

I am going to research and see how many of my dreams include buses. Might have some profound meaning, anyway, reference to one further on.

Starting off with a slow drive in my car along a single track country road, I arrive at a train station and board a carriage.
Much to my disgust, two or three people are smoking and I can't get off as the train has started moving.

I am next at my parents house with my dad. A couple with their daughter are looking round with a view to buying it. The man says he will purchase but has to take out a £12,000 loan first. I look at my dad and we both know the man won't be back.

Going into the garden one of the neighbours is throwing mud over into our garden almost hitting the clean white sheets on the washing line. There is also a small dog barking constantly.

Next my wife and I accept a lift from John the farmer in his pickup truck.
As he drives and chats with us it turns into a bus and he starts to pick up passengers along the way.
A very fat woman gets on and walks past John without paying.

John asks her for her fare and she says she isn't paying.
There then follows a very unsightly fight to remove the woman, involving John getting her in a head lock, my wife performing an arm lock and myself inserting my thumb into her lower jaw pressure point until she submits.

As we bundle the obese fair dodger from the bus an irate little bald man approaches and head butts me.

Arriving at work for a meeting, all the top brass are gathered together for a video presentation.
We all hush as the Cartoon Network shows us an array of kids program's.

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