Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pet apples & belly spots

A normal nights dreaming, for me anyway.
I start by informing my mum that I've sold her house to a bunch of foreigners and she will have to move out.
Mum isn't best pleased at this news, especially as she doesn't actually own it.

I set about wallpapering all the bedrooms in a mix match of different various paper that doesn't match.
I go to sleep for one last time in my old childhood room and I'm awoken by my older sister asking if I want the bathroom first.

I decide I want first dibs in the shower and get up and notice my reflection in the mirror. I have a huge fat belly covered in red spots.

Next my mother in law has some pet apples and gives me a pair to look after.
They are red, have little legs and faces. I put them into a sand pit and arrange for them to go to the vets for a check up.

When I return to collect them, they have turned into my two pet guinea pigs who's names are Eric and Ernie.

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