Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Taxi driver hostility

I seem to have been some kind of investigator last night, as I was called to a taxi office with a boarded up front window.

Every driver was Asian and the window was about three foot square that had the wood very neatly covering the broken window and it had been painted white to make it neater.

The owner informed me that his brothers taxi office also had a broken window and asked me to go and see him.
He then proceeded to kick out the wooden panel from his broken window and presented it to me to repair his brothers smashed glass.

I take it and arrive at his brothers taxi office only to find that several windows are broken and the panel is sadly lacking in size.
The office is full of Asian drivers, all of which start to shout and talk at the same time at their displeasure at the windows.
Given this slightly hostile reception, I decide my best option is to leave.

The last thing I can recall prior to waking was cleaning a kitchen worktop with a square scouring pad. There were computer keyboards imbedded into the work surface and I used the scouring pad to clean in between the keys.

Whilst I'm painstakingly performing this task my wife is sat on the worktop reading a book.

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