Saturday, 7 April 2012

Winston Churchill x1, phone nerd & cannabis house

Watching TV with my wife, I'm informed that the BBC and ITV have swapped channels. Which effectively meant that there are now adverts on BBC but not on ITV.
Watching a history programme, not sure on which channel, there is a barge sailing alone the river Thames in London.
On the barge giving a victory wave is not one but two Winston Churchill's, sitting side by side identical in every detail.
My wife attempts to change the channel but the remote won't work.

Next we enter a video store knowing it to be a front for a hidden cannabis den above the shop.
In the store a very nerdy man is on the phone trying to get a job but is not selling himself very well.
I ask another man if it's ok to go upstairs, a knowing wink from him and we head up.

Upstairs are three very stoned people. One is Vince who I know from work, he is so out of it he can't stand. A small fat little man shakes my hand and the third, who has lots of gadgets attached to him, greets me also.
I see the gadget man has binoculars around his neck and I proceed to show him mine in the time honoured macho comparison Alfa male style.

Finally inside an office complex I have been told a boy has been thrown off an escalator by a foreign male and he is being held in the toilet.
I enter the lavatory to find an Eastern European man dressed in a matching tracksuit with gold chains around his neck.

I ask the man for his mobile phone and he hands me his lighter, I search him but can only find more lighters.
Finally the male pulls a phone from out of a pocket that I'd already searched and smirks at me.

For the record, my binoculars were much bigger.

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