Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Giants, car chases & serial killers

Starting off I am in a giant Barclays Bank, I'm not talking a huge branch. I mean it's built for giant people as I can only reach the counter on tip toe with arms at full stretch. The bank Teller is a giant as is everyone else around.

I deposit some cash and also ask to deposit an invisible tumble dryer, which is accepted as I have filled in the correct form.

I'm next in a kitchen staying over at someone's house, but I don't know who's. In a cupboard is an extremely neat display of cream soda and crisps set out like a supermarket display.
I enter a living room and see the wife of an old work colleague living in squalor with a new born baby.
She says, 'Remember me?' I haven't seen her for at least 20 years.

I was driving my car behind three white vans when for no reason at all I rammed one of them into a ditch and then reversed into the other, slamming it into a wall.
The third van wisely decided to drive off at speed and so I gave chase.

The pursuit was just like a movie scene, lots of burning rubber as tyres screeched, near misses and crazy driving through pedestrian packed streets.

I lost sight of the van and noticed a woman that I used to work with about 12 years ago, I sped past her and tapped her on the shoulder shouting, 'Hello', as I did. She looked confused.

Lastly I was watching a Foreign man carrying a female into a basement flat.
It was as if I was watching TV. I knew he was a serial killer and the woman was going to die.
He laid onto a glass table and told her to make him a coffee. The phone rang and he started chatting in Polish as she made the drink, unaware of her fate.

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