Friday, 31 August 2012

Monkey death warning

Oddly I'd only commented to my wife last night that I hadn't killed anyone in my dreams for a while.
As if a message was registered in my Brain there I was hiding under a table with a sword.

A man walks past me and I run the sword into his chest, up to the handle, protruding the blade out the back of his spine. I watch his dying breath and remove the weapon.

Knowing there are more men on the floor above me, I put my victim into the elevator and send the body up to them as a warning along with a small monkey to operate the buttons.
As the bell pings and the doors open the others are met by a blooded corpse with a primate sat on him.

The last part of my dream involved me pulling up outside a shop in a VW camper van with my mum. She stayed in the van to use the toilet while I played a fruit machine that was in the shop window, using hessian dollar bills as cash.

I put one in and there suddenly appeared a hand written note in my handwriting saying, 'Out of order'.
I ask a very fat shop assistant for a refund and he hands me a giant packet of cigarette papers.

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