Monday, 3 September 2012

Float your boat

Another one of those dreams where I'm watching something but it's playing out like a TV show, with voice over man too.

This was set in the 1960's in the theme of an information film and therefore my brain decided to make it black and white.
It was about living in the East end of London and showed how the good old London folk made do in their council houses.
There was a really unhappy child sitting in the kitchen sink having a bath and the jolly voice over man saying, 'Here's little Johnny at bath time, don't forget to wash behind your ears'.

The next part of my dream involved Garath from work, he had entered a competition with another man.
The task was to float a small plastic boat in a water butt, close the lid and upon opening it, the winner was the one who's vessel was still afloat.

Garath acting supremely confident opened the lid to reveal his opponents boat had sunk.
In celebration of his victory Garath stacked dinner plates as tall as himself.

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