Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Giant cats & caravans

Another disturbance for my wife to deal with as I woke her shouting in my sleep.
The reason being, I was in a room that had a glass door and I could see a face staring at me through the top part of the door. It was black and white and resembled Merlin, one of our cats but was human size.

I opened the door quickly and Merlin jumped me and started to attack me. He was as big as a lion. Alarmed by this I began to wave my arms about and scream.
I was given a shake by my wife but as I awoke a huge black rat ran across the top of the wardrobe.

Back to my slumber and it's Christmas day and hundreds of children arrive at our house for dinner. We have nothing but water to offer them. They are very disappointed.

I am finally about to race a tall black boy at swimming. Saying I'm so confident he can have a head start.
The boy jumps in the pool and heads off, I leap and land ahead of him in the water and swim to the end triumphant.

When I look back at the pool, it's full of fish and we are inside a caravan. An angry looking man remonstrates that I rocked his caravan when I jumped in the water.

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