Saturday, 29 September 2012

Giant things

Immediately as I shut my eyes I could see the roof beams in my house which appeared normal until a pair of giant eyes opened that were embedded into the wood.
This startling me so much I shouted out and in turn startled my wife.

As I lay my head back on the pillow I was confronted with the image of my dog yawning and a giant wasp flew out. Same effect on me and again my ever patient wife disturbed once again.

The rest of my night consisted of snap shots of various scenes such as me entering a fish and chip shop to be greeted by my cousin Dawn with a beige coloured carpet on the floor.

Upon leaving a mini supermarket that I locked up as I walked out, my wife decided to run off giggling in a game of chase and I couldn't catch her.

Finally I was in a working mans club to play a game of pool. The table was old and worn, the cloth on the table ripped and faded and there were only three pockets along one side.
With the difficult playing surface, I make it even harder by announcing I'm going to play left handed instead of my usual right.

I woke at this point before what would have been no doubt an embarrassing defeat.

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