Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Jelly shelves & Christmas socks

Working night shifts this week which has an effect upon my dreaming in that my sleeping is deeper. Despite this, I dreamt that I was in a very large room attempting to arrange a children's party.

Shish from work arrived and decided to take over as I clearly was uninterested and was putting zero effort into it.
Scattered around the room were large cube shelving units that were all wobbling like jelly on a plate and a few collapsed.

I was then in a changing room preparing to go home on my bicycle. I put on an elaborate pair of Christmas themed socks, complete with holy and Santa's on them.
Next I packed my empty lunch box into my rucksack.
My rucksack was bright pink and furry in the shape of a teddy bears head.

As I ride home I pass a long hedge that is cut into the shape of a castle wall, complete with turrets and a drawbridge.

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