Friday, 21 September 2012

Pantomime & wasps

I was sitting in a huge auditorium watching a pantomime. One half of the audience seating was empty and I was treated to a robot ventriloquist that had a doll in a crash helmet.
The robot also had a metal helmet on so I was unable to see any lips move which I guess is the aim of the act but not what I was expecting.

At exactly 23 minutes into the show the other half of the audience filled the empty seats. They were all coloured coordinated in red, blue and yellow tops and sat in coloured blocks relating to their shirts.

I was next at a team briefing at work and my wife noticed a swarm of wasps in the room and totally freaked. This is something she does when awake too.
Panic spread throughout the room and everyone stampeded from the briefing.
I then couldn't find my boots and searched for ages before realising I was wearing them.

Lastly I was a small boy standing at the edge of the pavement to cross the road. On the opposite side of the road was a bakers shop.
As I put one foot in the road the shop starts to change and goes back in time, I put my foot back on the pavement and the shop reverts back to normal.

As I stand there a red left hand drive BMW slowly drives past me. At the wheel is my friend Mary and her partner Lee in the passenger seat.
As I place a foot in the road again, the shop goes back in time again and the car moves in slow motion.

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