Monday, 10 September 2012

Rip Van Winkle

I was a child in the first section of my dream. Hiding behind a bush in the garden of a house watching the four occupants come and go.
I was a fairly clever child sleuth too, as I was able to recognise that they were all dealing drugs. From my hideout I called the police and watched smiling as they were all taken away.

In the next part I am an adult and again hiding but this time in a house. A boy and a man start to walk towards me having noticed my hideout. It's as if I am a camera and they are moving their faces ever closer to it.
Just as they are about to grab me, another boy smashes them about the head with a frying pan killing them both.

As a thank you to the boy I set about disposing of the bodies.
Laying them both out on a table and placing a photograph of Rip Van Winkle above their heads, I tell the boy that I will transform the corpses into the fictional character.

I wasn't aware that I knew what Rip Van Winkle looked like, in my dream he had a large moustache and small pointed beard with a big hat.

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