Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Show me the money!

Last night/mornings dream was very straight forward.
I was with Lorraine from my work, which I was last night in my non slumbered state too. We had hold of a very tall Scottish man and were taking him to a police station after apprehending him. I don't know what for.

He had his fist held tightly shut and I could see some £20 notes in it. I asked him to release his grasp but he just smiled and said, 'You'll never get me to open it'.
With this Lorraine slammed him onto the floor and we both proceeded to punch him in the face until he opened his hand.
Beaten and bloody, we counted out the cash between us and let him go.

I would state that this in no way reflects my normal working practice. I can't speak for Lorraine though.

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