Friday, 7 September 2012

Slow motion getaway

Parked outside a bank is a top of the range Mercedes sports car. I walk over to have a look at it and a black man gets out of it. I recognise him and he tells me he is working for a business man as his personal driver.

A PCSO named Phil that I know arrives and upon seeing a black man in a sports car immediately thinks the worse.
Phil tells him that he is going to check him out as he thinks he's suspicious.
I take Phil to one side and assure him he is ok and that I know him and he can be trusted.

As phil leaves everything slows down and events happen in slow motion.
Two other black men get out of the car with machine guns and start to rob the bank with the guy I know as the getaway driver!
I stand there open mouthed as they speed off with bags full of cash.
Great, he made me look a right mug!

Lastly I'm in a van along with a supervisor named Sharon and a colleague affectionally known as the Viking.
The Viking is dressed all in black but has brown tyre marks the length of his body.
I say to him,"Have you been run over?" the Viking looks down at his body and says, "Oh yeah".

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