Saturday, 1 September 2012

Supermarket rage

I start by driving at night with my wife along country lanes.
Visibility is poor and I don't see the massive legs of a crane parked on the roadside until I'm on top of it.

I decide to park under one of the huge metal legs and regret this when the leg moves creaking my windscreen and trapping us in the car.

Walking along my mums street I start to throw tennis balls that hit a nearby car, a passing fat lady with two children hurries by me.
As I approach my mums house I look back to see the woman is hosing her children down in the middle of the road.

The front door to the house has newspapers and letter piled up and I struggle to enter.
Upon entering, I am in a supermarket. I notice it's 5 minutes until opening time but hundreds of people have walked in behind me and are waiting to be served.

I grab the public address system and announce that the store is closed and ask everyone to leave.
The store erupts into chaos as unhappy shoppers trash the shop furious at this news.
Fights break out across the shop floor and the place is a war zone.

I leave.

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