Wednesday, 12 September 2012

White water camping

Faced with a challenge last night, I was standing at the top of a huge mountain and beneath me was a fast flowing river of white water rapids.
There was a race to the bottom and I was up for it, only problem I didn't have a boat.

Undeterred by this major setback in my game plan I improvised by zipping myself up inside a small tent and threw my makeshift boat off the top into the rapids.
Spinning and falling I soon realised how extremely misguided I had been in my choice of vessel and flapped and futilely waved my arms around until eventually coming to a stop.

I lay motionless for an age, I may have just been sleeping without dreaming but after a while, the zip to my watery enclosure opened to reveal the welcome sight of my wife. She informed me that I hadn't won the race and had been missing for two weeks!

I lastly dreamt of being at my mums house as a child along with my older sister and departed dad. Dad was visiting my sister for her birthday and it was a happy scene.

It actually was my sisters birthday yesterday.

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