Thursday, 13 September 2012

Worlds end & volcano rice pudding

I have to say that the end of the World is amazing. Not the destruction of the planet but the actual place that is the end of the World.
I was there last night along with a man mountain of an American looking on in wonder at the spectacular scene from outside a hotel.

It was a beautiful Golden beach with palm trees and a dome roof and guarded by armed men.
As we wondered at what was actually beyond it one of the men shot and killed a guy hiding in a tree. Worried we would be killed we made our escape back to the hotel.

I was next woken up in my hotel by a woman event organiser. She abruptly woke myself and my wife and was being a complete bitch to everyone around.
Unhappy at this we along with several others present all turned into cartoon characters and began to sing, 'Spread your wings and fly away', to the theme tune from the muppets.
As the song came to a grand ending, a giant tin of rice pudding exploded with jam from its centre like an erupting volcano.

I finally enter a bone china shop where I see my wife, I point out to her a model working steam train on the shelf but upon closer inspection find it to be a steam powered kettle. Next to that is a steam powered china cup on wheels.

I walk out of the shop straight onto a beach and start fishing. I cast off and immediately have a bite. Reeling in I pull out a huge octopus. It was orange.

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